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  • are you american?

    nope! i do love america and try to visit often, but i’m actually english.

  • is hannah grace your real name?

    hannah is my real first name but grace isn’t my middle name or surname.

  • when's your birthday? and what's your big three?

    september 3rd! i’m a virgo sun and rising, and aries moon.


  • can you please write icebreaker 2? i want to see what nate and stassie are doing.

    while everyone might think icebreaker 2 is something they want, i promise you it really isn’t. icebreaker finishes with a happily ever after so for me to write another book on their relationship, i’d have to split them up or add some kind of drama to allow them to recover and then have another happily ever after. it just wouldn’t happen because nate and stassie would work through it before they would ever consider splitting up. in the event that i had an idea that didn’t involve giving them relationship trouble, then yes i’d consider it but until that happens it’s a hard no. i’ll continue to write bonus content for them and because all my books are part of the same universe, you might see them pop up in some unexpected places in future.

  • are you going to write a book about *insert relevant side character*?

    honest answer is i don’t know. there’s some characters i know i’d never write books for (usually ones who aren’t end game) and there are some who i know definitely will get books. i just usually don’t know when. inspiration and creativity is a tricky thing to try to manage, and i can’t help which direction i’m dragged in. this is why books i’ve talked about openly in the past change so dramatically when i actually sit down to write them eg. wildfire and daydream. this is also the reason why i’ve stopped talking about who is getting what and when, as i don’t want to disappoint anyone. i’m so excited about future projects but i’ve also learned i can’t trust my brain to not totally switch things up on me. begging me to write a book about a certain character (*cough* jj) doesn’t work because if i’m not excited and inspired, my brain just doesn’t work.

  • why does it say online that you publish children's books?

    i’m not the only author who publishes under the name hannah grace, but we’re in no way linked. my first book was icebreaker.

  • how many books in the maple hills series will there be?

    i don’t know yet! i’m currently contracted to three books (icebreaker, wildfire, daydream). i initially planned seven books but things change and i’m excited about other projects that i wouldn’t be able to write if i’m only writing tmhs. all my books are part of the same universe so even books not in maple hills will still be maple hills at heart.

  • are all the books in the maple hills series going to be about hockey?

    if i write more books the answer is no. it has always been a college series (not a hockey series) for a couple of reasons. before getting my traditional publishing contract i had plans for seven books. four of the books had nothing to do with hockey/hockey players and two of those four had nothing to do with sports. while i love all sports romances books and watching all sports (except cricket, soz), i don’t love reading long sports scenes which is why i don’t write them. there are so many excellent hockey series out there (*cough* playing for keeps by becka mack) that it’s silly to try and put my books in the same category. i love the dynamic and friendships of fictional sports teams, which is what inspired the titans, but the thing the ties my books together is they’re at the same college. i’ve never, ever called it a hockey series and frequently shout about it on instagram.

  • do i need to read icebreaker first?

    i know plenty of people who read wildfire before icebreaker, so it can be done, but i personally recommend you read icebreaker, followed by wildfire, then daydream. each book is technically a standalone, but they’re interconnected and run in chronological order so starting with icebreaker is the best reader experience. icebreaker is the school year and ends in april – wildfire covers summer break – daydream begins at the start of the school year a whole year after the start of icebreaker.

  • what are the content warnings for your books?

    you can find the content warnings on the tab for each book on this website.

  • how can i read the bonus content?

    sign up for my newsletter and receive the password for the bonus tab.


  • i sent you a dm but didn't get an answer. have you seen it?

    unfortunately, i get more messages than i can keep on top of so looking at all my dms and replying to everyone is impossible. i promise you i haven’t ignored you on purpose! social media is only a small part of my job and writing takes up a huge part of my day.

  • where can i see you in person?

    i don’t do events or book tours as sharing my identity is not something i plan to do at this time. i know this might be disappointing, but i will always do my best to ensure signed books are available.

  • i'd like to send you an email. where can i reach you?

    please check out the contact page for all the ways you can contact team hannah grace.

  • do you have a po box?

    i don’t live in the uk anymore so unfortunately i don’t have a po box. when i work out how the postal service works in my new home i’ll update this.

  • do you have a private facebook group?

    yes! the link is on the contact page or you can search “hannah grace literary universe”


  • can you blurb my book?

    blurb requests can be sent to my agent and her details are on the contact page. i accept/reject dependant on my workload so please know if i say no it is never personal. i often can’t guarantee i’ll read a book before the deadline so i don’t like to accept and not deliver. i’m always honoured when i’m asked so thank you for trusting me with your book!

    please note, i won’t consider a book that has a content warning for infertility/baby loss unless the book is by an author i have an existing relationship with (and probably not even then). please keep this in mind when sending me requests.  

  • do you have an arc team?

    i don’t. arcs for my books are handled by my publicity team at simon & schuster. i have no control who is approved on netgalley and my assistant has been instructed to ignore requests sent to her by email due to how much time it would take her to reply to them all. there is always a surge of emails when i announce books but i always post reminders that i/lauren do not handle arc requests.

  • how do i sign up to get pr boxes from you?

    like arcs, pr campaigns such as boxes with proof copies or finished copies for launches are handled by simon & schuster.

  • can i make merch for your books?

    please send your proposal to my agent for review. each request is handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • do you run your own accounts?

    kinda. my tiktok is and has always been managed by ellie from lovenotepr. this is the one platform that i have zero involvement in. in the unlikely event that i log in, comments would be signed off with “- h x” as ellie signs off with an “e”. it’s not that i wouldn’t love seeing all the incredible content people create, it’s more that it’s impossible to avoid things about myself that aren’t always nice. people are entitled to have their opinions about my work and express them on their own platforms, but the best way for me to continue to be able to do my job is to avoid being exposed to things about myself. i share my instagram page with my assistant, lauren. you can usually tell it’s me because i lack professionalism and, usually, the ability to spell something right the first time. if i have a deadline i quite often delete instagram from my phone to be able to concentrate (and not doom scroll for hours) and lauren takes over. she doesn’t pretend to be me as i don’t want to deceive anyone, so you’ll always be able to tell if it’s me or her. only i post on threads and it’s generally about what i’m watching on tv.